Fishery management discussions, spring 2018

My apologies to readers for the relative lack of content in this space over recent weeks, however I haven’t been entirely idle during this time. For some years I have written the Campbell River area outlook for the magazine Island Fisherman. Recently it was acquired by new owners, Joel and Leigh Unickow, and they have asked me to both continue with the CR outlook and contribute the occasional column on issues relevant to the BC recreational fishery for the magazine website. It’s taken a little time to sort a few things out, including how to avoid confusion by web search engines utilized by prospective readers between two sites with some identical content, but we’ve settled on the following approach and copied below are links to two recent pieces.

March 2018 Halibut Update: Vancouver Island

The State Of Chinook 2018

I will be continuing with material solely for my blog but I anticipate there will be the link to an Island Fisherman column posted here from time to time in the future.

A reminder that licenses for both the fresh and saltwater recreational fisheries will expire March 31st, time to renew!