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Here you can find out about guided saltwater sport fishing opportunities around the central and northern sections of Vancouver Island, along Canada’s west coast, as well as his Ardent Angler Blog.


Campbell River Fishing Season

Winter chinooks in Campbell RiverChinook:  November to April – feeder chinook 7 – 15 lbs. average, occasionally larger fish.
May to September – feeder chinook 7 – 20 lbs. average, larger maturing chinook salmon (tyee’s), late July to mid-September.

Coho: June to October, late summer into fall the best time.

Pinks: July into September, odd numbered years for greatest abundance.

Sockeye: Later July to early September, annual retention opportunities dependent on Fraser River run-size.

Chums: Mid-September to the end of October, every year.

Lingcod: May to September.